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Outdoor with Jonas Hållén


Jonas manages the kayak rental at Idöborg, guides groups and arranges swimming in open water, swim run safaris and other excursions in the area.

Jonas is a trained skating guide and has hiked in Sweden, Europe, Asia and the USA. In 2018, he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, from the US-Mexico border to Canada.

He has paddled in the Nämdö Archipelago for 25 years and is happy to take you to his favorite places. He can also give you tips on your own excursions.

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Canoeing at sunset

We paddle out in the Nämdö Archipelago and lie down in the middle of the sea and watch the beautiful sunset over Stockholm's archipelago. Afterwards we have a piece of food and something to drink in Strandbaren.

Time: 2 hours

Price: SEK 600 / person

Included: Kayak & guide

Among cobs and inserts

Half-day tour among islands, cobs and skerries in the beautiful archipelago near Idöborg. Lunch and swimming on a skerry in the middle of the sea.

Time: 3 hours

Price: SEK 800 / person

Included: Guide, kayak & equipment, lunch & coffee


In Liljefors' footsteps at the far end of the sea band


Bullerön was for many years a gathering place for the artist elite of the time and other prominent people. Here, the painters Bruno Liljefors, Anders Zorn and the author Albert Engström have worked and socialized. In 1923-1967 Bullerö was owned by Torsten Kreuger and has since been part of the Bullerö nature reserve.

We paddle from Idöborg over Bulleröfjärden, about 45 minutes, have lunch at the hostel in Hemviken on Bullerö, take a look at Liljefors summer house Jaktslottet and walk around the island.

Time: Half day

Price: SEK 1,000 / person

Included: Guide, kayak & equipment, lunch & coffee

Swimming paddling to Kullskär

We paddle north about 40 minutes past A sp ö and through the archipelagos at Stora Svinskär and Stora Björkskär to beautiful Kullskär. There we can swim in the open sea, sunbathe on the rocks and swim around the island and the cobs around. Feel free to bring a wetsuit.

Time: Half day

Price: SEK 800 / person

Included: Guide, kayak & equipment, lunch & coffee

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Swim run safari around Långskär

We start from Idöborg and then drive a trip from Idöborg over to Långskär, Björkkobben, Böteskobben, Långskär and back. The track is about 5.5 kilometers.


The terrain is partly unpaved. Swimming distances of 50-100 meters, except for the first and last distance which is 300 meters.
We decide the pace together.

Time: 2 hours

Price: SEK 300 / person, rental of wetsuit & buoy: SEK 300 / person.

Included: Guide

Swin run safari on Ormskär

One of the most beautiful areas in the Nämdö Archipelago with shallow bays, lagoons, narrow straits and clear water. We paddle south from Idöborg for about 40 minutes, pull up the kayaks on the rocks and establish a "basecamp". Then we put on wetsuits and shoes to look south over rocks and water. When we return to the kayaks we eat lunch and then paddle back to Idöborg.

Time: Half day

Price: SEK 1,000 / person

Included: Lunch & coffee, guide, swimsuit & buoy


Open water swimming around Långskär

We swim from Idöborg over to Långskär and follow the shoreline south, into the shallow "canal" between Långskär and Ormskär and Björkkobben. There are several places where you can swim across the "canal". This means that experienced swimmers can swim a little longer and the slower ones can turn earlier. However, we always swim at least two together.

Maximum distance 3,000 meters.

Time: 45 min - 1.5 h

Price: SEK 300 / person, rental of wetsuit and buoy: SEK 300

Included: Guide

Hiking on Nämdö


Join us on a trip through the primeval forest-like nature on the western side of Nämdö. We walk through deep coniferous forest, out on rocks, over meadows and fields.


Halfway through the hike is the bathing place in Långvik, where we can stop and take a dip. In total we walk about ten kilometers.
If we walk quietly, we may see some of the island's many deer.

Time: Half day (6 hours)
Price: SEK 600 per person
Included: Lunch & coffee, guide
Not included: Ticket on the ferry to Nämdö

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Basic course in kayaking

  • Brief review of the kayak, paddle technology and equipment

  • Lift, carry, load

  • Boarding and disembarking and various auxiliary methods

  • Find the balance

  • Operate the kayak

  • To think about when we are out

  • Comrade rescue  and self-rescue with a float

  • To think about when we are out

  • Comrade rescue  and self-rescue with a float

    Lunch break

  • A tour of the archipelago outside Idöborg

  • Try peer rescue if you feel like it

Time: 5-6 hours

Price: SEK 1,500 / person

Included: Kayak & equipment, dry suit if needed

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