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Fri, 17 Sept



Awakening and Healing

Welcome to a deeply transforming retreat! You will free yourself from old baggage that prevents you from living in flow and joy. You will experience powerful meditations and magical ceremonies and receive deep healing and unique upgrades. All this in a warm and loving atmosphere!

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Awakening and Healing
Awakening and Healing

Tid och plats

17 Sept 2021, 15:00 – 19 Sept 2021, 15:00

Idöborg, Idoborg, 130 36 Nämdö, Sweden

Om evenemanget

We are now in the middle of the shift , the awakening here on Earth. This transformation has been seen and described by many for centuries, from the Mayan calendar and the Hopi Indians to prophets and astrologers, and now is the time!

We who live now have consciously chosen to be part of the shift, to contribute to the awakening and healing by anchoring light, wisdom and love.

In order to do that , we must first keep this in our own body and through all parts of ourselves. During the retreat, you will free yourself from old baggage that sits in the way and that prevents you from living in flow, synchronicity and joy. You will release patterns, programming, projections, etc. that keep you in old constraints. This applies to both experiences from this life and previous lives, both spiritually and genetically.

Spirituality in this time is not about escaping the physical, but about fully anchoring our soul in our human life, to express and experience the light and abilities of the soul through our body, in our everyday life. Therefore, our bodies also need upgrades and a lot of healing to go through the process, while maintaining balance and health.

In this transformation , the elements, fire, water, air and earth, have an important role and therefore the work with these will be a central focus during the retreat. By working with the elements, you will be helped to release the body's limitations, body memories that hold old traumas, injuries and memories. As certified craniosacral therapists, this work is close to our hearts.

Throughout the weekend , Mother Earth and the multidimensional ancestors will give messages, healing and upgrades to everyone. They make this journey with us and when we agree with the larger underlying plan and take part in the energies and information held for the whole, we can also find our unique role in this plan. It is when we activate this role, directly related to our inner true self, that we deeply experience joy, synchronicity and meaning in life!

Come and participate in this deeply transforming retreat in a wonderfully beautiful archipelago environment! You will experience powerful meditations and magical ceremonies. You will receive deep healing and unique downloads and upgrades. All this in a warm and loving atmosphere, where we can meet with an open heart and make new friendships!

You are very welcome to book your place!

Client stories from previous retreats:

A strong developing spiritual journey. Deep transformation on many levels. Ingrid and Madeleine have led us with a gentle and confident hand. - Anki

Very rewarding and deep work through meditations and ceremonies. Fantastic guidance and deep healing. We have received good tools and keys to be able to continue working. Magically. - Gunilla

Great course. Rich in content. Wonderful meditations, long and short. Thanks for letting me know. - Pia

I am very happy and have developed on many levels, while I have received deep healing throughout the course. I feel like a new person. - Erik

Ingrid Kronholm has worked with clients, individually and in groups, for 20 years and has had the privilege of working with thousands of people, both in Sweden and abroad. She is educated in the Spiritual School of Ascension, is an Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and dipl. craniosacral therapist and previously also Aura mediator. True Essence Activation is the core of her work, synthesized into a deeply transformative session.

Ingrid's driving force is to help others to be present in themselves and live from the heart and thereby gain access to their true self and flow in life!

Madeleine Glanzmann is a trained teacher and has for 25 years run her own company as a language consultant, for large and small companies. In parallel with this, she has since the late 90s trained in energy work and healing and has, among other things. worked as a dipl. craniosacral therapist, Mikunea therapist, Reiki Master and Aura mediator. She has today released the language company and works only as a healer. She holds courses and receives clients in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

Madeleine is inspired and driven by making people see their potential, inner strength and their own self-healing ability.

Course cost: SEK 4,900

Single room: SEK 3,990

Part in a double room: SEK 3,590

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