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Wed, 13 Jul



Three days in the world's most beautiful archipelago in July!

Recovery is the theme of these three days. With the help of yoga, meditation, beautiful nature, kayaking, sauna baths and the body's own longing for balance, rest and new energy, these days provide an opportunity for what you need!

Three days in the world's most beautiful archipelago in July!
Three days in the world's most beautiful archipelago in July!

Tid och plats

13 Jul 2022, 18:00 – 21:00

Idöborg, Idoborg, 130 36 Nämdö, Sweden

Om evenemanget

Once again, the birds will chirp and the sea will sparkle!

We arrive on the small beautiful island of Idöborg on Monday morning and return to the mainland late on Wednesday afternoon. Boat goes from Stavsnäs on Värmdö where there are buses from Slussen. The journey over takes half an hour. Accommodation is available in single rooms, double rooms and tents. The food is vegetarian. 

Kundalini yoga and Mediyoga / Medical yoga are the yoga forms we will use. A yoga where everyone can participate based on their own conditions. You can be a beginner as well as an experienced yoga practitioner. If you have previously done Mediyoga-Medical yoga, this is a form of yoga that is close and vice versa. The leaders are experienced with more than 10 years of experience in yoga teaching and for the 14th year in a row, this popular archipelago retreat is organized!

Monday begins with a longer yoga session before lunch and later in the evening another session and in that spirit it continues in a mixture of yoga, meditation, sauna bath and kayaking. 

The kayaking is a trip out into the wonderful little archipelago just outside Idöborg which is located in the outer middle archipelago. With the proximity to the outer archipelago, it provides a very beautiful paddling. Over the years, many have never paddled before and experienced that it was both safe and an absolutely wonderful experience! The trip goes out to the small archipelago just outside Idöborg and if you do not want to paddle, you skip it. 

The sauna is wood-fired and is located right on the water. 

Every evening there will also be the opportunity to participate in Gong Meditation, which is powerful healing and strengthening! And if you do not want to be a part of all that is offered, you just have to consider "just being" in nature or hanging out and drinking tea in the fantastic Kreuger turn-of-the-century villa. 

For more information email or call. You do not need any previous experience of yoga, everyone participates based on their own conditions. 

Åsa Gustavsson is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Kundalini Yoga. Medical Yoga Therapist. Breathing educator and since 2008 runs the yoga center Yoga Nu in Nacka, Stockholm. This year will be the 14th year in a row she arranges yoga retreats at Idöborg and this year two different dates are offered for the first time:

June 12 -14 Full! Spare places may be available. 

July 27-29

Single room: SEK 6,640

Part in a double room: SEK 6,340

Own tent: SEK 5,460

Prices include everything except boat trip back and forth to Idöborg, which usually costs SEK 110 one way.

More info & booking.

Contact: 070-830 16 16 


Warm welcome!

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